Pilot Armor Technology

Buy Thermal Protection Systems from a Trusted Source

Your search for effective airplane UV protection and shades has come to an end thanks to the team at Aero-Shields Inc. When you buy thermal protection sunscreen systems from us, you are able to minimize the amount of UVA and thermal energy that passes through the glass of your aircraft and into the cockpit. This is an important measure in reducing the negative impact that the sun’s energy can have when it hits your windows. Contact us to learn all about our UV and thermal sun protection systems.

Fabric Specific Information

  • Excellent Solar Protection—Eliminates up to 86% of the Sun’s Rays
  • Ideal Compromise between Solar Protection & Light-Transparency
  • Provides Significant External Visibility
  • Fabric Is Manufactured under Tension during the Entire Production Process
  • Superb Dimensional Stability helps Maintain Fabric Shape without Bagging or Sagging
  • Pilot Armor is Tear & Dirt Resistant, & will Stand Up to Tough Conditions for Years

Medical Information

Airline pilots have a 30% higher risk for cataract problems and malignant melanoma skin cancer issues. What causes this? It is the exposure to “unfiltered” cosmic radiation (UVA), which is exponentially increased due to the higher altitudes flown. While aircraft windows do provide some protection from UVB, they don’t protect against UVA. Aero-Shields Inc. advises everyone to wear good, quality sunglasses, apply suntan lotion with at least SPF 45, and install your Pilot Armor®. Pilot Armor® is simple to use and easy to remember. When the sun is out, put your Pilot Armor® screens up!

Why Choose Pilot Armor®

  • Economic Security System Due to Fabric Reflectivity
  • Can Be Left Installed While Parked out on the Ramp at the FBO
  • Fabric Reflects Direct Sunlight/UV Rays from Entering the Cockpit
  • Protects Upholstery, Glare-Shield, Radio, & Equipment Stacks—Which Is Important for Operators Using the Window-Mounted EFB./iPad System
  • Will Not Damage Acrylic Windscreens—Fabric Is a Screen, No “Super-Heated” Energy Is Trapped Between the Window & the Pilot Armor®, Which Will Make It Safe for Use on Delicate Acrylic Windows
  • It Is Not a “Bubble-Wrap” Style Sunshade, Which Has Been Found to Possibly Damage Expensive Acrylic-Type Windows