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The team at Aero-Shields Inc. wants to make sure you are able to make informed decisions when it comes to buying our UV and thermal protection systems. Take a look below for answers to many of the most common questions we receive. You will also find our policy information. Have additional questions or concerns? Contact us, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Can Pilot Armor® be turned around?
The copper screen Pilot Armor® fabric is reversible. The silver/black fabric is side specific.
86% UVA and thermal protection.
No, Pilot Armor® will not fade, crack, mildew, or discolor.
A 1-year limited warranty.
Replacement suction cups available under the General Purpose category of our online products catalog.
If the suction cups will not stick, clean the window and the cups with your favorite aircraft window cleaning solution, a flight deck handi-wipe, or a small cleaning pad. If you can't use a mild cleaning agent on your windscreen, just clean the suction cups. Clean your Pilot Armor® with a mild soap and water solution and dry before storing it.
Discounts are available for new templates and fleet orders over ten (10) sets. Contact Aero-Shields Inc. for details.
Yes and No. When the plane is parked on the ramp overnight, leave your Pilot Armor® installed, this will significantly improve your security. Pilot Armor® is a pilot accessory; please read the product warning in regards to the safe use of this product.
Yes, send us an email; the Aero-Shield team will work with you to satisfy your sun protection needs.
SHIPPING: Flat Rate Priority Mail (3–5 days) Worldwide Mail (10–14 business days) Domestic Small Package = $15.00 Large Package = $20.00 Includes packaging and delivery confirmation. International = $50.00 Includes packaging, delivery confirmation. FedEx International. Additional country tariff fees, customs processing, or VAT taxes not included.

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PILOT ARMOR® Product Warning

The Customer assumes all responsibility and liability when using Pilot Armor®. Aero-Shields, Inc. will not be held responsible, liable, or accountable for any actions, incidents, or accident investigations while using Pilot Armor®. The Pilot in Command/Operator of the aircraft is ultimately responsible for the proper use of this product. Pilot Armor® is to be used with Caution and only at the discretion of the Pilot in Command/Operator. NEVER install Pilot Armor® in Front Window during Takeoff, Approach, and Landing, Taxi Operations, or any Critical Phase of Flight. Pilot Armor® will not prevent Skin Cancer or Heat Stress. PURCHASE OF PILOT ARMOR® IS AGREEMENT TO TERMS TO THESE TERMS AND CONDITIONS.