About Us

The rays of the sun can be one of the most dangerous obstacles to a pilot in the air. That is why Captain Greg Meunier and the team at Aero-Shields Inc. decided to do something to better protect those in the air, by developing a cutting-edge solution to the age-old problem of how to reduce the harmful effects of the sun. The answer is Pilot Armor® —advanced airplane sun visors and solar shades.

The Mission of Our Company

Founded in 2007 out of necessity, our company realized how important it was for pilots to be adequately protected when they are up in the air. Using our more than 30 years of military and commercial experience, we got to work creating the custom-fit aircraft UV solar shades we call Pilot Armor®. The response to this pilot equipment was immediate and overwhelming!

Since that time, we have worked hard to improve and grow our Pilot Armor® product line continually as well as to promote awareness of the hazards the sun poses to the aviation community. Through our hard work, dedication to the highest quality standards, and first-class customer service, we have signed agreements with major aircraft manufacturers and airlines while still providing our incredible products to individual pilots. We have a Select Vendor Program for specific aircraft manufacturers and FBO's. Contact us to learn more.

Pilot Armor